Youth innovation launch challenge

Plan International is excited to launch the Youth Innovation Challenge (YIC) for Bulawayo Program Area. Young people who fit the criteria on the flyer are invited to submit their innovative ideas💡. The submission modalities are as per the attached YIC Flyer. In addition submissions can also be made via the link below.

Submission Format for whatsapp/email/hard copy is specified below:

Contact Details
Introduction (if submitting through whatsapp-to be written as a text message before sending audio/video)
📍Full name(s)
📍Age of each member
📍Team name
📍Contact details

💡Pitch- Audio/video (3mins max) Written (2 pages max)

😞The Problem/Challenge- Describe the problem/challenge you wish to address
😀The Solution- Describe the solution you are proposing to address the problem/challenge. Highlight the innovation part of the solution (for e.g what makes it different/unique/inventive/disruptive/cutting-edge, etc)
📈The Impact- Describe the potential reach and effect of your solution.

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