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BVTA Women Council celebrates life

BVTA Women Council today held a high-level fundraising tea party aimed at encouraging business growth and self-appreciation. The high-level tea comes after the commemoration of the Women’s Day, as a way of celebrating women informal traders’ successes.

The group of women meets under the organisational Women’s Council, which serves as a custodian of the interests of women and gender issues in the organization. The women come together to discuss aspirations about their businesses as well as their personal lives outside their area of work.

“Most women were affected mentally and financially by COVID-19, therefore these meetings serve as therapy,” said Debrah Mukasa.

“Women were well dressed for the high-level fundraising tea, this depicts that women must have time for themselves, dress up their bodies, put on fancy clothes, look nice and take some time away from businesses for therapy and mental well-being,” BVTA President Jacqueline Ndlovu told the Vendors Voice.

Fines were charged to those who came late, as a way of fundraising. Utensils and materials will be purchased for every woman in the group through the fundraising.

During the high-level tea, women were encouraged to take good care of themselves and their families. It was also a space for women to appreciate each other.

The Women Council started convening in February this year and aims at pursuing different projects which include groceries club, revolving fund and blankets club. The revolving fund is currently ongoing, whereby women are in small groups of at least 5 people, committing to R100 after every fort night and give it to one member of the group until the round finishes and starts over.

“I encourage other women informal traders to join associations so that they can have such opportunities that we are creating and enjoying here in our organisation,” said Ndlovu.

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