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BVTA distributes masks to members

Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association (BVTA) is giving out masks to its ward structures to help curb the spread of corona virus.

After the government of Zimbabwe made wearing of homemade or surgical masks mandatory for every citizen and imposed stiffer penalties, including prison sentences for those caught without masks, BVTA decided to give out masks to its ward structures.

Last week, BVTA handed about 200 masks which were distributed equally to some of its ward structures to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the process is still ongoing.

“We are happy that the organization made the intervention at the right time”, Jacqueline Mutigi, told Vendors Voice. Corona virus has disrupted the lives of vendors and informal traders, some of them are unable to purchase masks which will protect them from the virus.

“We will ensure that our members wear masks all the time so that they are not charged for misconduct”, BVTA Executive Director Michael Ndiweni told Vendors Voice.

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