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BVTA Press Statement on Reports that some unscrupulous shop owners and some vendors are using embalming chemicals to preserve meat.

Bulawayo Vendors and traders Association (BVTA) learns with sadness, the duping of people by the unscrupulous meat retailers in Zimbabwe who are using embalming chemicals as meat preservatives.
It is very sad that the power failures that are taking place are adding to the crisis in which meat retailers scam people through the use of formalin, a chemical mixture of preservatives used on corpses to keep them fresh.

It is disheartening that also crooked vendors are injecting steroids into both living and packed meat and this can hurt the consumers in the long run.

BVTA condemns this act by these crooked vendors who are using embalming chemicals to preserve meat and at the sametime tarnishing the image of genuine vendors who are struggling to make ends meet.

BVTA believes that informal traders and vendors have always played a pivotal role in Zimbabwe’s economy and have created livelihood opportunities, hence such vendors should treat consumers with honesty and respect.
World Health Organisation Constitution states that understanding health as a human right creates a legal obligation on states to ensure access to timely and affordable health care and to provide for the underlying determinants of health like food.
BVTA shall to continue to impart vendors and informal traders with knowledge on the importance of health, hygiene and sanitation.


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